During these last years I have seen many American V-Twin Custom Builders crossing over to show their skills using foreign bikes as their platforms, mainly English and sometimes Japanese. More rarely the opposite.

Robert Fisher comes from the Japanese Custom Scene where, at a young age, he has already established his name, owning the distinction of being the one of the 1st Builders to create truly radical Kawasakis commissioned by the factory, but also applying his skills to turn Yamaha and Suzuki sport bikes into very fast rolling pieces of art. And now for the 1st time, under the banner of Roaring Twinz, Robert just created this 2011 Harley Davidson Street Glide, an interesting exercise because his objective was to build a custom bagger with lots of style but without sacrificing any of the function of the original bike. Exactly the kind of strict requirement that all oem manufacturer would make to any Custom Builder.

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