• Roaring Twinz 2011 Street Glide featured on Cyril Huze Blog

    During these last years I have seen many American V-Twin Custom Builders crossing over to show their skills using foreign bikes as their platforms, mainly English and sometimes Japanese. More rarely the opposite.

    Robert Fisher comes from the Japanese Custom Scene where, at a young age, he has already established his name, owning the distinction of being the one of the 1st Builders to create truly radical Kawasakis commissioned by the factory, but also applying his skills to turn Yamaha and Suzuki sport bikes into very fast rolling pieces of art. And now for the 1st time, under the banner of Roaring Twinz, Robert just created this 2011 Harley Davidson Street Glide, an interesting exercise because his objective was to build a custom bagger with lots of style but without sacrificing any of the function of the original bike. Exactly the kind of strict requirement that all oem manufacturer would make to any Custom Builder.

    see the rest of the article here http://www.cyrilhuzeblog.com/2011/07/05/big-roaring-toyz-by-roaring-twinz/

  • Roaring Twinz Vaquero featured in Roadbike Magazine

    RoadBike gets the exclusive on the first-ever official custom Kawasaki Vaquero. Two weeks before Daytona Bike Week, Roaring Toys got a brand-new Vaquero to customize for the event. Check out our July issue (on sale May 31) for the full story. In the meantime, you can preview some of Alfonse Palaima’s outtakes from the shoot here.

  • Q & A with Roaring Twinz Robert Fisher

    Q: Roaring Toyz is the biggest name in sportbike customization – what made you decide to get into the v-twin market?
    A: Over the years we have built many great sportbikes for many really cool customers. Through these years we have found many of our customers own several bikes and often times a cruiser/V-twin is in their stable. We have been asked for several years to work on many Twins for customers but have refused. Roaring Toyz has been built by passion working on what we love. As we get older we have now come to appreciate slowing down and cruising a bit so we decided to jump in to creating V-Twin customer bikes and parts.
    Q: What are your favorite v-twin models? (Two wheel we mean!)
    A: We love all things two wheels but as of late I have found myself riding the new Kawasaki Vulcan Vaquero more then I have ridden any street bike over the last five years. I spent a long time not really riding a bike on the street much and just racing at the track. Now with these cool new bagger bikes I have found new desire to ride the street. It is really fun to hop on our custom baggers go out rockin the stereo and turning peoples heads. The response we draw on these bikes even tops the attention we get on our sportbikes somethimes.
    Q: Are you currently working on any v-twin builds?
    A:  Yes we just finished a custom build on the new 2011 Kawasaki Vaquero and have a couple Harley Davidson projects going now. We are building a really trick 2003 Road King custom for a doctor that we previously built three sportbikes for. We also are building a 2011 Harley Street Glide custom that is turning out very cool.
    Q: What are the hottest v-twin parts and accessories on the market right now?
    A: Right now we are focused on bagger bikes because they are comfortable and fun to cruise. The big thing in the custom bagger market right now is Installing the biggest front wheel possible. We are working on complete kits to install 21, 23, 26 and 30 inch custom billet forged front wheels to Harley Davidson FLH models like the Road King, Street Glide and Road Glide. Also we are doing the same for some metric cruisers like the Kawi. Vaquero and Suzuki M109. We have a great relationship with Performance Machine and are working with them to create bolt on wheel fitment for models that did not exist before.  Another one of the hot products in the bagger market right now are stretched saddlebags. The long stretched bags not only give the bagger bikes a long, low cool look but provide extra space for a cranking stereo system.
    Q: What’s going to set Roaring Twinz apart from all the other v-twin customizers?
    A: # 1 customer service. But beyond that with our many years of performance, racing, customization and product development experience we bring to the table the ability to not only create a bike that looks great but feel we will really be able to improve the ride on the customs that we build.
    Q: Roaring Toyz rocketed to popularity because you brought exciting and radical changes in style and customization to the sportbike market – what kinds of technical and design innovations can we expect Roaring Twinz to bring to v-twin owners?
    A: We are working on several different things right now but the most important to us is being able to deliver a custom package on parts that is bolt on and easy to install. We want our customers to enjoy the experience from purchase to ride!
    Q: You’re known for carefully engineering and testing your sportbike parts – are you planning to develop your own line of Roaring Twinz parts? If so, tell us what to expect first.
    A: Yes we have a long list of parts we are looking forward to developing. We are going to make a long list of parts with matching theme’s like engine covers, floorboards, brake & clutch levers, reservoir caps, air cleaner covers & kits, raked triple trees, adjustable levers, grips, and various other bits and pieces.
    Q: You just finished off a custom Kawasaki Vaquero that really set the v-twin magazines and blogs buzzing – tell us a little about that project and what makes the bike special.
    A: Yes this is our first V-Twin Cruiser build and we really enjoyed it. This new model really got us all excited about the bagger bikes. When I first looked at this bike at the Kawasaki dealer trade show I thought it was really cool looking and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one. I knew with a larger custom front wheel, a kickass stereo, a Roaring Toyz custom paint job and a little bit of love this bike would be something really special. The  response we have gotten on this bike has been amazing. Kawasaki really did a good job on this bike. It is the best bagger I have ridden and looks the cooler than anything else I see out there. 
    Q: You are on the eve of launching your new website, RoaringTwinz.com – what parts will be available for purchase immediately on that site?
    A: Through our years in the sportbike business we have filtered through many products and found the need to build our own along the way. We pride our company on offering only top quality products and services and want this to flow over into Roaring Twinz. For this reason we will start by offer the best products like Performance Machine parts and Wheels, Progressive Suspension Components, Burley Products and Milwaukee Bagger Bags and Fenders while we develop our own high quality product line along the way.


  • Roaring Twinz featured on Motorcyclistonline.com

    Who says the cruiser market is (literally) dying off? Our friend Robert Fisher at Florida’s Roaring Toyz, the nation’s leading outfitter of custom sportbikes, just sent news that he’s opening a new division called Roaring Twinz to concentrate on the V-twin aftermarket.

    Fisher tells us his business has been in decline against a backdrop of falling sportbike sales and increased competition from offshore parts manufacturers. “There are so many Chinese companies knocking off my parts now,” Fisher says. “I swear, there are more billet Hayabusa triple clamps on shelves now than there are Hayabusas on the street!” Meanwhile, demand for V-twin parts remains relatively strong–especially for baggers, one of the few segments of the motorcycle market still delivering decent sales. Though developing product for American and metric cruisers both, Fisher says Roaring Twinz will concentrate on the latter, working to fill the void for quality custom accessories for Japanese bikes. To showcase this effort Roaring Twinz just completed its first custom build, this tricked-out Kawasaki Vaquero finished just in time to debut at Bike Week. Keep your eyes peeled for it if you’re down in Daytona this week.

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